Adapted Records Presents: Sugarpunch – “Flawless” Remix Competition!


*REMIX COMPETITION ALERT* Here’s your chance! We’re offering remix stems to the brand new Sugarpunch track – “Flawless”! 

Here’s how to get involved:

1. Download the Stems:
2. Make the most kick ass tune the world has ever heard.
3. Post a streamable link to:
4. 1 entry per person

Prize –
● First prize is an Artist 88 desk from Buso Audio. It will be shipped 4 weeks after the winners are selected.
Check it out here:
● Runner-up prize is a 3-track mastering service from Betyar Studio.
● Winning entry and runner up will be released alongside the original track and Khurt remix

The Judges are Sugarpunch and Adapted Records!

Entries close: July 3rd 2015 at midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Winners will be selected and announced: July 10th

Good luck!

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Faux Fur – Crooked EP [Released June 1st]

Cover_Artist Name_Ep Name

Fly off into another galaxy with the amazing sounds of Faux Fur (Bruce Creeten) from Belgium. His debut EP on Adapted called “Crooked” has four tracks that explore midtempo glitch hop with classy, complex style. Melt into a groovy funk with this easy-to-love, experimental flow layered with impressive sound design.

You’ll find the first single “Bounce” has a similar rhythm and instrumental breakdown to something you might hear from Beat Fatigue with infectious soul riffs and wobbles that complement wild breaks. “Clip” is an uncontrollable file that can’t be defined, filled with experimental styles of breaks and elaborate change-ups. This one really takes Faux Fur off the grid and into a new direction with the EP. “Fatso” is an amazing single that uses a little electro swing-style melody that blends with a fascinating, complex breakdown. Finally, “The Fool,” follows the same structure as “Fatso” with more of a hip-hop vibe. These are some magical midtempo tracks.

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Scruffy – The Pants EP [Out May 25th!]

Cover 2000x2000 3

New Zealand native Scruffy blends together a unique fusion of trap, drum and bass, and glitch hop in his evolving style. Now, he’s thrown the blender into high gear and magically woven interesting melodies and epic funk together for this EP called “Pants.”

Have fun with the self-titled single called “Pants” which has melodic dubstep and electro synth funk which builds and drops with plenty of force that’s fit for a festival riot. “Roswell” has some sexy vocal chopping meshed with heavy funk and a steady rhythm. Chill out to the next two tunes with the downtempo tune “Keys.” Finally, “Corpsey” has a similar spacial vibe and electro breakdown that’s perfect for tuning out the stress. Put your “Pants” on!

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Thomas Vent – Welcome To The Fu**in Next Level [Out May 18th!]


Southern blues twang and hard dubstep just got a massive upgrade from bass funk prodigy Thomas Vent. If you’re familiar with his music, this track being called “Welcome to the Fuckin Next Level” is incredibly appropriate. Gearing down to midtempo at 116 BPM, Vent digs deep for a ferocious banger that follows up his mean hit single “Tramp” and his “One Day Life Your Life” EP. Prepare for heavy bass and dubstep in the same vein as Skrillex and others. This single is full of wobbly filth and aggression. Don’t listen alone!

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Gaddy – Gumbo Funk EP [Out May 11th 2015]

gaddy -Gumbo Funk (Custom)

This new eight track EP from Gaddy welcomes fans to a trippy new style of electronic Southern hospitality. The “Gumbo Funk” EP will seduce your soul and give you goosebumps with wild change-ups and amazing sounds that seem to evolve and morph as the tunes go on.

The EP begins with a massive midtempo amusement park ride called “One Eye Closed,” which has layers of lush electro melodies with deep, sexy breaks. While the “Gumbo Funk” EP remains true to a midtempo style, these heavy change-ups and interesting melodies are always weaving in an out of funk, sure to capture your imagination. Shaking the ground with massive bass, “People Out the Window” explores more of a heavier sound. A strong dose of hip-hop make the single “Gumbo Funk” a powerful Southern anthem. Other tracks are must-haves for the 3 AM playlist like “Cruise Control,” “Late Night Style,” and “Stay Paid.” Check out all these new jams!

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SunSquabi – Anytime EP [Out May 4th 2015]

The Colorado trio of Sunsquabi ushers in the next generation of electro funk with this unbelievable new “Anytime” EP. Get ready for midtempo funk that bumps with vintage grit! Post-modern funk doesn’t get any groovier. The quality of these three tunes is out of this world!

The single “Anytime” has some tasty guitar riffs with a laid back groove in the same vein as Gramatik, pairing a melody that builds and rises with uncanny rhythm. Almost a postmodern redux to something you would hear on Daft Punk’s “Homework,” this one breaks down into a contagious funk jam. Vintage synths, samples, and some crunchy wobbles help bring the second single, “Bubs,” to life. This one has a classic jazz style, meshed with deep, filthy glitches that complement the instrumentals beautifully. The final track, “Mob Boss,” has fantastic horns and a killer baseline that were meant for inspiring a crowd. Add these to your library immediately!

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